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Signals You Can't Ignore
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Local SEO Signals

There are four main Local SEO signals, and you'll need to know them all. Get a more detailed look in our guide, but why not start here?

On Site Signals

On site signals are everything, you guessed it, on your site that influence your local relevancy. This means your site content, individual page elements, even your name, address, and phone number. 

Off Site Signals

But it's not just what's on your site that matters, links from outside websites also hold a lot of power on your ranking. Though these signals exist outside your site, they're one of the most important signals of local relevancy.  

Social Signals

Social media activity is more important than you think, since social interactions are a big part of the local ranking algorithm. You need to boost engagement, raise visibility, and reel in followers to get positive social signals.

Review Signals

Keep your reputation golden by focusing on your review signals. Customers want to know the kind of place they're doing business with, so having a reputation management system that focuses on reviews is an important part of the SEO puzzle.